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It is never too early and never too late to let your passions fly or to pursue your dreams or decide to make a difference because you believe every choice matters and changes the world. Anne Johnson acted on this compelling thought when she determined to create a business that would bring threatened species and their environments to the attention of others through art.

10% of profits support U.S. wilderness conservation. (click here)

PassionFly is portable fine art featuring rare and threatened creatures.

Considerable background research goes into the selection of each subject, typically leading to a personal encounter with the creature in its habitat.

From this personal immersion process, Anne returns to the studio to develop text and the finished artwork that adorns each note card. Her objective is simple. She hopes to connect with people through her art and to inspire them to protect wild places and creatures she believes are worth saving before it is too late.

Determined to have a product which itself is true to her philosophy of conservation of resources and sustainability, Anne searched for paper, ink and environmentally friendly shops to produce her work. The paper, which complements the art, is both recycled and tree-free. Inks are aqueous or soy based.

As others see and respond to the images, Anne hopes they will be encouraged to consider what they can do to help preserve our planet as a life and soul-sustaining environment for generations to come. Because PASSIONFLY contributes 10 percent of profits to land conservation, every customer is already making a difference.

10% of our annual profits fund
U.S. wilderness conservation
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